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Hill Attachment Plant Equipment Dealership & Sales. We Cover Herefordshire Through To Coventry, Birmingham & The West Midlands. If you have any questions, please call 01568 614351 

Hill Equipment Sales 

Our fantastic reputation is under constant scrutiny and is continually being challenged, by us. In an Industry which requires such stringent safety standards, there’s simply no room for complacency. 

Hill Engineering

Hill Engineering – Setting The Standard

Our promise to you is simple – we will continue to be as pro-active, as diligent and as dynamic within the Industry, as we always have… in order to continue to bring you the most durable, cost effective, safest products on the market today.
If something is 90% right, Hill Engineering will always search to achieve the final 10%; this is how we find answers before others have even bothered to ask the question.
We constantly listen, learn, develop and progress in order to maintain our position of trusted forerunner.

Our Customers

We promise our customers that their safety is considered above everything else. We incorporate value for money into every product we develop, and our team remains available to you for as long as you need them – Hill Engineering’s commitment to the customer never ends. From the second you engage with us, our customer support is concise, intuitive and friendly. We establish trusted, life-long relationships with our customers who can focus on excelling at their job, because we excel at ours. Our uncompromising commitment to safety means that Hill is a recognised forerunner in industry compliance and customer confidence.